English – Larp events in the Netherlands and Belgium

The Netherlands and Belgium have a sizeable number of larp events that support non-native Dutch speakers. These are popular with expats. There are many different larp events in the Netherlands and Belgium, including small and larger ones with a lot of different styles and genres such as: fantasy, historical, contemporary, post-apocalypse and sci-fi.

Don’t speak Dutch? No problem!

Most larp’s have Dutch as their official language, though most Dutch people can speak English and have no problem switching to English- before, during and after the Larp. Many Larps already use some English terms or will add them in for you.

You could also make use of your English. Some larps use English as “this person speaks another in-game language”. So the people who speak the same in-game language (which isn’t the “common” of that setting) can talk together in English.

We advice you to get in contact with the organizers of a larp to see if they are able to accommodate English speakers. There are also a few larps in which English is the main spoken language and their websites are in English too.

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