Frontier 18

31 mei t/m 2 jun 2024
Hopper jeugdverblijf De Brink, Herentals, Belgie

In the distant future, humanity has fled its dying home planet, and is divided among five factions and dozens of planets in the Orion star cluster. There has been rivalry and strife between the human factions, but the discovery of a powerful alien foe has brought greater openness and rapprochement. Under the banner of the Interplanetary Collective, hands have been joined and the Eos project has been launched.

The event takes place on and around the Bastion, an inter-factional settlement on a distant planet Eos near the suspected alien territory. The mission is to make contact with the aliens, with the hope of peace but also the real chance of battle. Many have come to Eos, some for personal gain, others out of loyalty to their faction, and still others because they believe in a better united future for humanity. The planet itself has unique materials and minerals, which can be used for good or evil. And then there are the ruins of another, older civilization where advanced, forbidden technology can be found...

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EOS: Frontier
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Frontier 18
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