Numen 6

10 t/m 12 jun 2022
Het Harde, GE

A message reaches you: Through religious organisations, or multiple confirming rumours or town criers or visions: The next numen will be held in the ancient troll burial mount called "BegFallPlem". The mount can be reached by asking local troll tribes who can guide you to the exact location. The host is of course, the deity of the troll, the secondary goddess Tal'kinita. Tal'kinita has convinced the Numen community during the last Numen, to host the next gathering in this cave. The cave will be well protected by a combination of local troll tribes, working together with the Osterian Crusader Strikeforce. The strikeforce has suffered little casualties during the siege of Ul-Targash and seems to be back to full fighting strength: Numens organised by Tal'kinita, goddes of Decay, Rest, and Ancestry often focus around death and loss. The Numen community will surely be tested to their limits.

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Numen 6
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