Statera Mundi University

14 t/m 17 jul 2022
Château de Courrière, Belgium

A 4 day Live-Action Role Play event in a fantasy setting at a castle in Courrière, Belgium. (English-speaking event, +16)
Experience your own fantastic adventure during 4 days in our universe.
Choose to become one of our many playable races: Werewolves, Vampires, Humans, Skinchangers, or one of the subraces of our Fairies and Elves.
Choose which era you originate from: 2022 or the Interbellum (1920-’40)
Meet wonderful NPCs and create bonds with your fellow players.
Come up with solutions or be the cause of the problem and explore every nook and cranny of the SMU location.
Enrol in one of our 5 paths: Learn new skills and lore that can aid you on your adventure during the classes of your chosen path. Level up your magic.
Craft, barter, buy or sell, gamble, pull a con on other students, blackmail, bribe, plea or make offers for favours of the Spirits,… so many options!
You might even encounter one of the many mythical creatures of this peculiar world.
In short, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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