The Overkill

Rather than evading the (digital) wetlands, The Overkill wishes to design a route through its muddy paths. Artists navigating the Postdigital constellation think of the swamps as a playground to hybridise, as material under transformation and a womb for monstrous mutation. Today the swamp is reconsidered as a space for agency, it is inhabited by amphibious entities and exiled varieties of the self, the swamp is a liquefying space expanding on the different ecosystems.

The Overkill festival invites these hybrid and mixed media artists, accustomed to the porous and dripping networks of the everglades and welcomes everyone to venture into unstable fantasy spaces. Influenced by the proliferation of memes, wet aesthetics, derailed futures, “phygital”* morphologies and mixed fairy tales, these networks are to be navigated in daring ways, taking on a role and playing on the scenarios of an imminent reconfiguration of the planet.
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