Statera Mundi University 2024

11 t/m 14 jul 2024
Château De Courrière

Statera Mundi University is a live-action roleplay experience (16+) set in a parallel universe where humans live among witchards and other mythical races such as elves, dwarves, vampires, and werewolves.
You can become a student for 4 days at SMU, which takes place in the Castle of Courriere. Included in the price is your 3 night stay, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Sadly the castle isn’t wheelchair friendly.

The themes of the larp range from self-discovery, exploration, community and education to more explicit and/or darker topics such as horror, sexuality, magical racism, the occult and addiction.

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Statera Mundi University 2024
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