2 t/m 6 sep 2023
Park 'Eigen Wijze'

Bruidsprijs tells the story of the Mo: a secluded people who live in a strict gender-segregated honour culture. Every so often, when enough children have come of age, Mo villages will meet in a communal event called the Commencement where the old discuss important matters, the young are adopted into adulthood, and eligible daughters and sons are matched and married.

During Bruidsprijs, you will be playing the citizens of three Mo villages that join in Commencement, experience the days in which it takes place and participate in all of its deeply ingrained traditions and rituals. The story will focus heavily on the exploration of a deeply patriarchal structure, and therefore includes themes like misogyny, xenophobia, physical violence, honour culture and loneliness.

Bruidsprijs is an international LARP. The language of this game, both offgame and ingame, is English.

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