Sanguinis is a play-to-lift World of Darkness campaign focusing on younger vampires. The story is set in and around Haarlem, with the supernatural in an underdog position. Our play goal is creating tense and emotional scenes, that can go deep because of out-game trust. You are encouraged to create small personal plot against the backdrop of a bigger world. Sanguinis is an evening game, invite only, Dutch and English spoken, and takes place roughly every six weeks.

Sanguinis aims to be safe for intense play, so joining is invite-only. If you know someone who wants to join, introduce them to Fenko.

It is good to know that this LARP overarching plot is written by one person, as a hobby. As such you can't just pay and join, but really need to match the group culture of deep immersion and play-to-lift, plus be willing to become friends with the other players. :)
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