Fern Larp no.2 – To trust is worse than to lose

1 okt 2023
Foodbank Maastricht [Maasmolendijk 24, 6211AH]

"This was supposed to be a simple heist. Bank on the eve of payday. Nine trusted people. Plan - get in, get the money, get out. Easy.
However... in life, nothing’s easy. "

“To trust is worse than to lose” Is a short, fast and intense larp scenario heavily - very heavily - inspired by “Reservoir Dogs” by Tarantino.
Players will portray late 20th century criminals. The characters will argue about money, shout at each other, and accuse everyone around of fucking shit up.
Under tons of pressure, will they manage to hide their true colours? Or will they crack?

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[The game will be fully conducted in English]

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Fern Larp no.2 – To trust is worse than to lose
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